Motocross on Paradise Island

Bali is not only an island of white-sand beaches and mysterious temples, but also a true motocross enthusiast's paradise. The combination of bumpy trails, gorgeous scenery and rich cultural atmosphere makes this experience truly unique. In this article, we will tell you about the best motocross route in Bali that is suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

Itinerary: From coastal trails to jungles

The beginning of the adventure: Seminyak - Kuti

Your adventure begins on the south coast of the island, in the Seminyak area. Rent a motorcycle, somewhere around Jalan Kayu Aya, and head west along the coast to Kuta. This section of the route is ideal for beginners, with wide roads, panoramic ocean views and local cafes to refuel before the next leg. Be tempted to stop at one of the beaches west of Seminyak for your first inspiring view of the vast ocean. Continue your route along the coast to the small coastal town of Kuta. Here, cozy cafes and restaurants with sunset views await you. Don't miss the opportunity to sample the local specialties.

Inland: Ubud - Gianyar

After leaving the coast, head inland towards Ubud. Here you'll find bumpy paths through rice terraces and jungle. This stretch of trail provides the perfect blend of adrenaline and natural beauty. Once you arrive in Ubud, don't miss the opportunity to explore the famous rice terraces at Tegallalang. Try to climb higher up the hills to get stunning views and unique angles for photos. This place is not only a challenge for the motorcycle but also a feast for your eyes. Leaving Tegallalang, follow the bumpy trails winding through the dense jungle. This section of the route provides a true motocross experience with rough roads and climbs. Breathe in the fresh jungle air and enjoy the nature surrounding you. Upon arrival in Gianyar, a city rich in history and culture, find a place to rest and recuperate. Gianyar is known for its traditional markets and temples, so don't miss the opportunity to explore the local attractions.

Extreme in the mountains: Kintamani - Besakih

The next leg of the route is the magnificent Kintamani Mountains. Overcome winding serpentine roads while enjoying stunning views of Batur Volcano and Lake Batur. Overcome winding roads as you climb higher up the mountainside. There are bumps and sharp turns along this section of the route, so be prepared for the extreme. However, every turn will be rewarded with stunning views of Lake Batur and the surrounding mountains. From here, head towards Besakih Temple. This road includes many twists and turns and incredible scenery. Traditional villages will be encountered along the way and you can observe the daily life of the locals in the mountains of Bali

Final Stage: Chandidasa - Sanur

Finish your adventure on the east coast, in the Chandidas area. This section of the route passes through beautiful beaches and quiet villages, providing an opportunity to enjoy the tranquil coastline after an active motocross ride. Stop at one of the beaches in the Chandidas area, such as Pantai Candidasa or White Sand Beach. Here you can spend your time enjoying the soft sand, clear water and contemplating the blue sky. If time permits, visit Blue Lagoon, a crystal clear lake with turquoise water. End your itinerary in Sanur, where you can share the experience with other riders at local biker bars.

Attractions on the way

  • Rice Field Terraces in Tegallalang: A noteworthy place where you can enjoy the beauty of Balinese rural landscape.
  • Ulun Danu Batur Temple: An impressive temple located on the shores of Lake Batur, surrounded by volcanoes and dark lava fields.
  • Besakih Temple: Known as the "Mother of all Temples", this place has a special spiritual energy and breathtaking architecture.

Tips for Motocross in Bali

Check your equipment: Before starting the route, make sure your bike is in perfect condition. Check the oil, brakes and other important parts.
Equipment: Always wear protective gear, including helmet, gloves and face shield. Safety should be a priority.
Stock up on water and food: Some secluded areas may have limited access to food, so stock up on plenty of water and snacks before long stretches of the trail.
Observe traffic rules: Be aware of local traffic regulations and respect other road users.
Explore the local culture: Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich Balinese culture by stopping by local temples and villages.
Motocross in Bali is not only an extreme adventure, but also a unique opportunity to see the island from a whole new and exciting perspective. Embark on this journey and have an unforgettable experience!