Enduro in Bali for beginners

Enduro in Bali for beginners

If you enjoy riding your bike on challenging trails, are up for a challenge and dream of an adrenaline-fueled adventure, we invite you to Bali enduro tours for beginners.
Why do we like this invigorating sport?

Pros of motocross in Bali

There are 5 good reasons to choose enduro in Bali. This sport is extremely useful for city dwellers who live in their offices, are glued to monitors and gadgets, and have forgotten about real adventures:
  • Motocross in a tropical island environment develops physical endurance, flexibility and muscle strength. This is intense physical stress - as a result, your cardiovascular system is strengthened, blood circulation improves, and the tone of the whole body increases;
  • You will need excellent coordination and the ability to stay in the saddle of a motorcycle no matter what. You will perfectly develop your motor skills and sense of balance, and learn to fully control your own body. This will be useful to you later in life;
  • Many riders after enduro tours in Bali report that the road adventure had a positive impact on their mental state. When you are driving off-road, trying to predict when the next obstacle will “jump” under your wheels, and trying not to fall into the mud - all the city stresses fall away from you! Self-esteem increases, self-confidence blossoms, and a taste for living to the limit of your capabilities appears.
  • The brain begins to work more productively. We are serious - enduro in Bali requires the rider to concentrate and be able to make quick decisions, quickly assess various road situations and easily adapt to them. Your cognitive skills develop while riding a bike.
And the fifth reason is extremely relevant if you have been living in virtual reality for a long time, like many residents of megacities today. Enduro is a world of social interaction. You make new acquaintances and friends, become part of a huge community of connoisseurs of not imaginary, but real adventures.

Don't you know how? Learn!

Are you new to riding a bike? And you think that steep trails are too tough for you? This is self-deception, you still have no idea what you are capable of! Tracks through volcanic terrain and lush jungle will bring out the die-hard motocross fan in you in the most challenging conditions!
We invite both beginners and “intermediates” (those who have been riding a bike with a manual transmission for at least 6 months) and pros who have already appreciated the beauty of enduro tours in Bali to enduro tours in Bali. Contact us!