Enduro tripping in Bali during the rainy season

Bali, known for its beaches and temples, also offers unique enduro trips, especially during the rainy season when nature awakens in all its beauty. Let's dive into a world of mud, adventure and beautiful scenery in this extreme sports enthusiast's paradise.

The most popular routes:

Tropical extreme: a route through the jungles of the north

This itinerary starts in Ubud and leads through snow-covered jungle trails to the north of the island. Pass rice terraces and mysterious waterfalls as you plunge into Bali's dense forests. Your motorcycle will pass through the mesmerizing jungle of Kampuhan, where palm trees meet overhead and orchids and vines adorn the environment. This section of the route provides a unique glimpse into Bali's richness of nature. Don't miss the opportunity to stop at the Sekumpul Waterfalls. Jets of water fall from the high cliffs, creating pictures accompanied by the sounds of nature. This magical place is worth it to take your mind off the motorcycle and enjoy nature.

Volcanic call: on the perimeter of Gunung Batura

Gunung Batur is not only a magnificent volcano, but also an ideal enduro destination. Ride around its perimeter, enjoying lake views and volcanic valleys. Your enduro journey begins in the volcanic valley of Kintamani. This place carries a spirit of magic and mystery, providing the perfect start for an exciting adventure. Starting from the foothills, the enduro route climbs up a special trail to the summit of Gunung Batur. Technically challenging sections of the trail and rocky paths make the climb an exciting challenge for experienced riders. Upon reaching the summit, you are greeted by a magnificent sunset. The view of Lake Batur surrounded by volcanic hills creates a unique picture that cannot be described in words. Descending from the volcano, you will pass through the jungle, reminding you of the power of nature and the spirit of fire inherent in Gunung Batur.

On the slopes of Kuta: beaches and dunes

This route heads towards the beaches of Kuta, where you can ride along the white sandy beaches and enjoy the coastal dunes created by the wind and tides. Enduro on the beaches offers a unique dynamic riding experience. Overcome the sand dunes following the surf and feel the adrenaline of being on the edge between land and water. Kuta is famous for its waves and surfers will meet along the way, creating a unique blend of cultural styles and adventurous experiences. Finish each day of your enduro journey with gorgeous oceanfront sunsets. Kuta's beaches provide amazing views of the sun's spectacle.

Peculiarities of traveling by motorcycle:

Extreme weather conditions

The rainy season brings its own adjustments to riding conditions. Be prepared for mud, side winds and unpredictable weather.

Enduro motorcycle rentals

Local agencies provide a wide selection of enduro motorcycles. Take care to ensure that your choice matches your level of experience and route.


Be sure to use all safety equipment including helmet, body and arm protection, especially on unpredictable trails.

Plan B

Spare parts and tools are always useful, especially in the jungle or on remote parts of the trail.
Embark on this exciting enduro trip through Bali during the rainy season to truly experience the spirit of adventure and visit places that are hidden from the usual tourist routes. Experience the thrill of riding on secret trails, meet sunrises and sunsets in the magical corners of this amazing island.