The most important piece of equipment. It should be under any circumstances. That is, without a helmet at all it is impossible.
Goggles are about the same as helmets. They are essential to protect your eyes from dust, dirt and insects.
It is naive to think that enduro gloves only protect you from blisters. Hands are responsible for steering, and enduro gloves, in addition to protecting the palms from rubbing, minimize the mistakes made by the rider while riding. At the same time, gloves have additional protection. Motorcycle gloves do not allow the hand to slip off and will not allow gross mistakes when driving. Something as small as a hand slipping when braking can be fatal.
Necessarily high and hard boots. They have good shock protection due to the large number of
impact-resistant plastic inserts, which is why they are heavy (each boot weighs around 2 kg). Motocross / enduro boots fix the leg as tightly as possible and are one of the most necessary items of equipment for a motorcyclist.
It protects your ribs and back.
The turtle is worn under outerwear.
All rigid protection is attached to a light elastic fabric, which acts as a base. It must be durable, for everyday wear, breathe well, therefore it is made of a mixture of polyester, nylon in a mesh design.
They are an essential piece of clothing for any motocross or enduro rider as they are designed to resist tearing while also providing the freedom of movement needed when riding enduro or motocross bikes.
Knee or elbow injuries are one of the most common injuries in any sport. When it comes to motorcycling, there is no less risk of getting a knee or elbow injury. During a fall, it is very easy to injure your knee or elbow and get injured, after which it will take a long time to recover. To prevent these potentially unwanted injuries, every rider must wear knee and elbow pads.
Any motorcyclist must wear some kind of clothing while riding a motorcycle. because it's like an extra layer of protection for your skin. A jersey, unlike a simple T-shirt, will better help prevent abrasions, from branches, dirt and falls, on the body and arms.
Jersey also helps prevent sunburn on hot days.