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The route passes through the hardened black lava of the active Batur volcano. You will have the opportunity to try something unique and ride through the vast area of sand dunes. The route of the Kintamani volcano will take you through the sandy forest, and the surroundings of the lake will show you breathtaking views.

The trails in Tabanan will take you through the rainforest and its natural obstacles such as jungle, logs, rocks and rivers. This ride can get even more extreme, especially during the rainy season with slippery ground and heavy mud. We have routes for all types of training.

The secret forest will be the best ride as you make your way through a series of difficult trails through secret forest plantations, open rice paddies, rocky or muddy jungle trails. During this trip you will see nature in all its glory. It gets slippery in the rain, but that's part of the fun.

You can go on a 2 or 3 day enduro trip. On the first day you will visit the black lava and kintamani forest, and spend the night in a hotel in Tabanan. 2nd day of skiing through the forest and Tabanan beach.

Enduro is sharpened for different conditions of use. The key features of these two-wheeled all-terrain vehicles are: the suspension is rigid, specially designed for amplitude jumps; the motor at high speeds produces maximum power; most models do not have lighting equipment (including a battery); there is a simple engine cooling system; high landing (needed for better cross-country ability); excellent maneuverability.

Not a few riders have fallen off their vehicle sooner or later, and people who prefer enduro and motocross bikes have an even higher fall rate. So the presence of protective equipment for people who are fond of motorcycles is simply necessary to preserve their own health.

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